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Dennis Manor

Chandler Walker

      Chandler Walker has always been an athlete and excelled in many sports including football where he was an undefeated state champion and was named all state and all conference defensive end. He was also a 4th place finisher in the state championship for track and field in 110m high hurdles.  

Chandler is an avid martial artist participating in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, and a runner, diver, and snowboarder.  He is involved in countless races with the Battle Born CrossFit team and goes Scuba diving and Snowboarding whenever possible.  He is currently studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Nevada.   

     Chandler found CrossFit when he came to Reno for college and has been hooked ever since. He loves helping individuals improve their athletic abilities and their nutritional goals and believes that anyone can attain a high level of fitness, it just takes commitment and the desire to come in and try CrossFit out.

Certifications: CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Movement and Mobility and Whole 9 Nutrition Workshop. 

Favorite Olympic Lift: Snatch
Favorite Hero WOD: Murph
Favorite Girl WOD:  Fran
Favorites quote: "When a man is pushed, tormented and defeated, he has a chance to learn something." Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Adam Lauritzen

I graduated from Fernley High School. 7 and a half years in the Marine Corps. Over a decade of experience as an instructor. Initially a buddy and I did Crossfit from the main site when we were deployed. Upon my return to the Reno area I found Battle Born, came to the gym and immediately knew it was my kind of place. The biggest draw to me is the owners and coaches have the right intent, meaning their function is to make you more fit and they accomplish this with a family attitude. 

Likes: Eating, naps, and barbell training
Dislikes: Thrusters, burpees, Fran, and I detest running more than 400m.
Favorite Olympic Lift: Power Clean/Snatch
Favorite Hero WOD: Randy
Favorite Girl WOD: Grace
Favorite Quote: It's all in the hips, and Let's be damned sure no man's ghost will ever say "If your training program had only done its job."

Mel Christopher Magboo, MD

I was introduced to CrossFit in March 2007.  I consciously chose this path of discipline, perseverance and hard work to achieve optimal fitness and success.  Since then, I have continued to successfully challenge myself to step into the realm of the unknown.  One of them is the sport of Ultra distance running.  As a physician and a Crossfitter, I am a strong advocate of functionality as it relates to quality of life and longevity. My passion is to guide and empower individuals through fitness and nutrition. My objective is for you to maximize your potential and achieve your goals in a no non-sense way.

Crossfit Certifications: Crossfit Level 1 Trainer/ Instructor Certification, Crossfit Basic Barbel Certification under the tutelage of Coach Mark Rippetoe, Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Certification, Crossfit Endurance Certification, Crossfit Nutrition Certification and Crossfit Movement and Mobility Certification

Favorite Olympic lift: Squat cleans
Favorite WOD: 30 muscle ups for time
Favorite Hero WOD: Josh
Favorite Girl WOD:  I love all the lady WODs but I tend to favor Angie, Barbara and Cindy
Favorite quote: "There's no easy way" -- Alan Wells

Travis Coombs

            I got into Crossfit in 2007 after a buddy turned me on to the main site, and quickly became addicted to the workouts and the online community. Crossfit is unique from other workout "programs" in that it provides real world "functional" fitness - the type of fitness that will help me stay strong & fit well into my "old age". I came to Battleborn Crossfit in 2009, and fully realized what the real magic behind its success is - the comaraderie and community that we have with our fellow members - our Crossfit Family.

Certifications: Olympic Lifting Certification

Favorite Oly Lift: Snatch
Favorite Hero WOD: "The Seven"
Favorite Girl WOD: Nancy of course!
Favorite Quote: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" - Thomas Jefferson OR "If you are going through hell... keep going." - Winston Churchill