Adam Lauritzen

I graduated from Fernley High School. 7 and a half years in the Marine Corps. Over a decade of experience as an instructor. Initially a buddy and I did Crossfit from the main site when we were deployed. Upon my return to the Reno area I found Battle Born, came to the gym and immediately knew it was my kind of place. The biggest draw to me is the owners and coaches have the right intent, meaning their function is to make you more fit and they accomplish this with a family attitude. 

Likes: Eating, naps, and barbell training
Dislikes: Thrusters, burpees, Fran, and I detest running more than 400m.
Favorite Olympic Lift: Power Clean/Snatch
Favorite Hero WOD: Randy
Favorite Girl WOD: Grace
Favorite Quote: It's all in the hips, and Let's be damned sure no man's ghost will ever say "If your training program had only done its job."

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